Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to the new year!

Alter Aeon has survived yet another year, and while there have been a lot of ups and downs overall things are looking pretty positive. We've put a lot of work into making the game accessible, more playable, and more fun - and it's really starting to pay off. I've gone back to playing AA in my spare time for fun; that's something I haven't really done regularly in over a decade.

I've posted a very large '2009 year in review' article on the Alter Aeon Website. This took me several hours to put together, from both the postings here on this blog as well as going through the entire coding changelog for the last year.

Naturally, the things I found important and worth talking about come from a very biased, immortal based perspective. Fortunately, one of our more vocal players, Subtle, wrote up and posted his own player-centric year in review. I wish more mortals would do this; I think it's really cool to have a permanent record, even if it's not a feel-good propaganda piece.