Friday, June 25, 2010


It's been a long time since I updated here; I'd like to say that I've been busy working on things instead, but while I've been busy it seems little of it relates to Alter Aeon.

The first reason for this post is the mapper. I've built new area maps for the web pages! You can find these at the standard Alter Aeon Maps location. These maps include the level of areas, as well as a number of new areas that have been added in the last six months.

Speaking of new areas, we've had an awful lot of stuff come online in the last six months. It would probably have been more if I'd get off my can and worked on the west continent and the demon city of Qoorik.

Lastly, the necromancer class and skillset continues to make its slow and steady progress. I've got the spell and skill trees set up in what I think will make a good, solid class. Honestly, it's far better laid out than any of the other classes are; all the skill trees make sense (to me at least), the level spreads look good, and it's largely new techniques and behaviour. There's a lot of use of charmies and mob armies.

I'm stealing a handful of spells and skills from other classes though. Cleric will lose demon lore and probably undead lore as well as durhams, preservation, and animate corpse. Mage on the other hand, will lose fear and possession. Not huge losses, but enough that I'll have to do some grandfathering.

One thing that does concern me is the upcoming druid class split, scheduled for after necromancer. My current vision of druid has sky/water/earth skill trees, which may serve to simply gut cleric in regard to offensive capability. I'll probably have to rework these simultaneously, and it won't be pretty. It may be possible for me to steal more stuff from mage to compensate. I don't know yet.

Farther down the line is paladin, which I'd intended to be a specialized cross between warrior and cleric; basically a fanatic nutjob fighter with a direct line to his god. I'm not sure I can come up with enough stuff to make this a sane, standalone class.

My final goal is 8 classes, but there simply may not be enough variation in the game world to support it.