Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Halloween Havoc

[Repost from in-game]

Alter Aeon is pleased to announce our annual Halloween Havoc! The action starts on Monday, October 29, and continues until midnight on the 31st. Our preliminary schedule has several area openings, a number of voluntary pk events, pumpkin cannon contests, and other things.

Monday, Oct 29:

On monday, we will have the official release of Castle Kraftrager, on the island of Archais. Also known as the drake tower, this zone has a couple of interesting quests and lots of new beasties to fight.

Tuesday, Oct 30:

On tuesday, a new addition to the fire plane, the untamed wilds, will be released. This area is an extension to the tunnels and caverns below the fire giant keep, and is intended for very high level players.

Wednesday, Oct 31:

On wednesday, a handful of areas will be released on the western edge of Archais. The island archipelago has several new quests and deeds, including a cursed temple and hang gliding.

In addition, today, a new area was opened north of the Great Desert, near the Ash Mountains on the mainland. This area has many undead and elemental creatures, and should provide high level players with an interesting experience.

On all three days, we will be running arena and other events every few hours to give those in different time zones a chance to participate and say hello. We'll have novelty items and prizes for everyone.

We hope to see you there!

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