Monday, September 19, 2011

2011 Cleric Class Update

The 2011 Alter Aeon "Cleric Update" is now live!  This update contains a lot of changes to improve traditional cleric spells, add a new mode of casting for mages, and clean up other spells and skills that have traditionally not been as awesome as they could be.  Here's a list of the most major changes:

- Mages now have the ability to 'channelcast' (ccast) certain elemental spells in combat.  Channelcasting takes longer than regular casting, but is interruptible and costs substantially less mana.  This feature allows mages to become a true 'blaster' class without compromising healing mana.

The channel casting skills are 'fire focusing', 'ice focusing', 'lightning focusing' and 'crystal focusin'.  The fire plane is easiest to reach, and hence it's the lowest level and easiest to channel.  The crystal plane is much harder to reach and only high level mages will be able to channel from it.

- Added a necromancer spell 'bone dragon', which allows you to fly around over the landscape.

- Ice imprison and crystal prison have been updated.

- Ward good and ward evil are now more powerful.

- The charm spell has been updated to make it easier to land and to use control points similar to controlled necromancer minions.

- The peace spell has been improved.

- A level 19 curse, 'overconfidence', has been added.
- A level 19 spell, 'hold undead', has been added.
- A level 28 spell, 'sacred touch', has been added.
- A level 29 spell, 'solace', has been added.

As always, you can use the 'spell find' commands to find the teachers or trainers for new spells and skills.

For those of you who don't know anything about us, Alter Aeon is a multiplayer text-based game with a lot of features and settings to help make it blind-friendly. Over half our playerbase is blind or visually impaired, and we have blind builders and staff helping to expand and improve the game.

Everyone is welcome to play, so if you're new to the game feel free to stop by and check us out.  For more information and soundpack downloads, see our web site at:

Happy hunting!

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