Friday, September 9, 2011

I'd like to announce the release of the Alter Aeon client version 1.089, which makes this the first official 'non-beta-numbered' release.  An awful lot of updates and effort went into this revision.  Here's a short list of the big feature updates:

- Full, non-beta MacOSX support, including versions of MacOSX from 10.5 forward.  Unfortunately, we don't support the older PPC macs, just newer Intel based ones.

- We've submitted the Mac version of the client to the Mac App Store, and hopefully you'll be able to get it there for free in the next few days!

- The graphical rendering system has been pretty much completely gutted and rewritten.  This makes the client faster and more consistent between different versions of windows.  This got rid of a lot of bugs with different service packs.

- The keyboard handling has been rewritten to use low level keyboard codes for pretty much everything.  This also gets rid of a lot of service pack bugs that we could never track down before.

- Lots of performance and memory optimizations, to make things run faster and more smoothly

- You can now change the font on buttons and the map

In a lot of ways, this was a sort of 'maintenance' release, where we weren't trying to add features so much as make the existing features work as smoothly and correctly as we can.

Of course, this means the next release will probably start adding features again.  We have a lot of neat ideas queued up, so expect to start seeing some of them here in the next few months.  Until then, you can download the new Alter Aeon 1.089 client version at:

Happy hunting!

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